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Crane Creek-Magee Birding

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December Newsletter

Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland Presents
December Newsletter
Saturday Backyard Naturalists Series and Field Outings are free and open to the public.

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Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland invites you to our
Saturday Afternoon Backyard Naturalist Series
Birding by Habitat
Saturday, November 22 3:00-5:00 PM
Cheryl Harner, Flora-Quest

Finding birds in the field can be improved by knowing their preferred habitats. Even novice birders know to look for ducks in or near water and woodpeckers in a forest. Cheryl will group birds by habitat and highlight some of the best plants and places for specific species. Once birders consider the plant life associated with the bird they’d like to see, it’s easier to find the most desirable birds or even attract them to your yard.
*This program features photos by Cleveland photographer Chuck Slusarczyk, Jr.
Cheryl Harner is interested in the connections between botany and In Case You Missed It! The Squawk “Recently, the Natural History Museum held a conservation symposium, with much emphasis about the need to protect threatened species. It seems that migrating birds lose habitat to sungrown coffee plantations ... because of cutting down rainforests to grow coffee beans in the sun. Those attending the symposium were encouraged to buy shade-grown coffee as that allows the protective tree canopy to remain for birds who migrate. But, I had difficulty finding where I can buy shade-grown coffee in this area, much less any supermarket managers who knew what it is!” —Peggy Patch Peggy discovered shade-grown coffee at Trader Joe’s: Ethiopian Shade-grown Whole Foods: Organic Colombia Elroble or Costa Rica Dota and via mailorder at www.birdsandbeans.com Thanks, Peggy, for this great information! Send your comments, questions, or complaints to auduboncleveland@hotmail.com Field Trips wildlife. She is an avid gardener and life -long wildflower and butterfly enthusiast. Her extensive volunteer work includes long-time leadership in Greater Mohican Audubon Society and Richland County Master Gardeners. She currently serves two land trusts and works as an environmental educator and advocate for nature. Co-founder of Flora-Quest, she writes a blog for its website: Weedpicker’s Journal (www.cherylharner.blogspot.com).
SABN programs are held at the Novak Education Center, 381 Townline Road, Aurora.




Winter Solstice Hike
Friday Night, December 19, 2014, 7:00 PM
Led by Jim Tomko

Have you ever taken a night walk in the winter field and forest celebrating one of the longest nights of the year? The winter woods are quiet and peaceful if the weather is calm. The stars shine brightly through the cool clear atmosphere and we have a chance at hearing an owl or a coyote singing to the moon. Meet at the Novak Sanctuary parking lot on the east side of Townline Road a little less than a mile north of State Route 82 in Aurora.




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The Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland (ASGC) promotes the conservation and appreciation of birds and other wildlife through habitat preservation and educational activities. It is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and is one of northeast Ohio’s oldest continuously operating environmental organizations; founded in 1928. ASGC now has over 1,200 members throughout NE Ohio and owns over 500 acres of land protected as both Audubon Sanctuaries and Ohio State Nature Preserves. It restored and renovated a building located in the Audubon Blanche Katherine Novak Sanctuary as a regional Novak Education Center.

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