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Crane Creek-Magee Birding

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May Newsletter

Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland Presents
May Newsletter
Saturday Backyard Naturalists Series and Field Outings are free and open to the public.

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“Red, White and Blue”
Saturday, July 11, 2015, 3:00 P.M.
Led by Jim Tomko

There is red, white, and blue in our sanctuary! There will be Bluebirds, Blue Jays and Indigo Buntings to provide the blue. Northern Cardinals, Scarlet Tanagers and Red-winged Blackbirds will show us the red. White will be seen on gulls, Killdeer, Black-capped Chickadee and White breasted Nuthatch. If we time it right and luck is with us the Red-headed Woodpecker will make its spectacular appearance to give us both red and white made more dazzling by its jet black back, wings, and tail! Meet at the Novak Sanctuary parking lot (click here for a map). on the east side of Townline Rd about a mile north of State Route 82 in Aurora.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy Internship Positions

WRLC is looking for an intern to assist Thriving Communities Institute staff to implement two different grant programs: a watershed grant program & tree grant program. Primary responsibilities will include reviewing grant applications, assisting in evaluating the merits of the projects and preparing for implementation targeted for the fall. The student will be involved in the planning process to identify suitable planting locations for trees and assist with planning tree planting, maintenance, outreach and education events. This will include involvement with a volunteer street tree inventory project and development of materials to educate and inform residents on the benefits of trees. The internship will provide students interested in urban forestry and natural resources valuable field and professional office experience. The student will be exposed to working with a variety of program partners. For details, visit http://www.wrlandconservancy.org/our-internships.htm.

ASGC Scholarships

The Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland supports graduating seniors in the Greater Cleveland area in their goal of earning a degree beyond high school in the fields of Biology, Environmental Science, Science Education, or a related field in the Natural Sciences. This scholarship is a non-renewable award of $1000, and is open to all college bound seniors fitting the eligibility criteria regardless of GPA or financial need. For details and to download an applicaion form, click here.






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Annual Meeting: Saturday, June 6, 2015

Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland invites you to our
Saturday Afternoon Backyard Naturalist Series
Saturday, September 12, 2015
Novak Education Center, 382 Townline Road, Aurora, OH
What Is Audubon?

ASGC experts John Lillich, Jim Tomko and Harvey Webster

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Introduction to Birding", click here
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The Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland (ASGC) promotes the conservation and appreciation of birds and other wildlife through habitat preservation and educational activities. It is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and is one of northeast Ohio’s oldest continuously operating environmental organizations; founded in 1928. ASGC now has over 1,200 members throughout NE Ohio and owns over 500 acres of land protected as both Audubon Sanctuaries and Ohio State Nature Preserves. It restored and renovated a building located in the Audubon Blanche Katherine Novak Sanctuary as a regional Novak Education Center.








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